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George began his television career as a freelance Cameraman for NBC News in the Caribbean and Latin America. He covered the Mariel boat lift from Cuba in the early 80s, the fall of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, the overthrow of “Baby Doc” Duvalier in Haiti, to name a few. He also shot “kindler, gentler” stories such as “Fragile Monarch” an NBC documentary chronicling the migration of Monarch Butterflies from Canada to the mountains of Mexico for which he won the National Press Photographers award. 


An avid scuba diver his passion for the sea inspired him to form Sea-Cam, Inc. a production company specializing in underwater video production. George developed his own proprietary underwater video camera housing system known as the Sea-Cam with which he won numerous awards.  His Sea-Cam Journal underwater television series aired on the Travel Channel for over three years and gained him two Telly Awards. His children’s special the “Funniest and Friendliest Fish in the Sea” was licensed by Nickelodeon and gained him another Telly. He recently developed a a new underwater housing for the revolutionary Red Digital camera system.  It permits him to produce 35mm film resolution underwater digital footage at a fraction of the cost of film.  He is one of the few people in the world who has shot underwater with the Red.


George also owns and operates Media Solutions a full service video production and post-production facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has written four feature length screen plays and several series pilots and is in development on three of them.



Producer of "The Lion of Judah", "Tugger: The Jeep 4x4 Who Wanted to Fly" and a multitude of other projects, Rose Warner exudes confidence, intelligence and an unbridled sense of optimism; attributes that serve to reflect her outlook on life and underscore her value to the industry.

 Ms. Warner is innovative and flexible in her thinking, always ready to evaluate and adapt new ideas, technologies and systems that can benefit any project.  Ms. Warner considers herself to be a team player with strong organizational and communication skills and someone who welcomes a challenge – especially one centered on business development.

During the course of her career she has worked for an impressive array of prestigious motion picture studios including Warner Bros, Sony, Columbia, Buena Vista, Paramount, Universal, Fox, and MGM as well as most major networks.

Rose holds a Degree in Communications/Multimedia Studies and was certified in Film & Video as a Producer and Director. In addition, she has studied Business, Marketing and Accounting, which lends to her amazing Business Plans and PPOs to aid in making any project welcomed among Investors and Studios!!! 

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